At a supermarket 1


I often like to go to the local supermarket when I visit a place I have never been to.

I would like to introduce you inside of the supermarket nearest from the Golden Pavilion House.

The upper one is a sweet snack which is very common in Japan.

Hard dried Nuts are coated with sugar which makes them very crunchy.

The following pic shows a variety of “Arare” which are salted snacks that are very common in Kyoto.

They are basically baked or deep fried rice cakes flavored with salt or soy sauce.

In Kyoto “Arare” flavored with a spice mix called “Shichimi” is especially popular (packet in centre of pic with red label)

It is a bit spicy so it is good with teatime as well as for drinking.



The last one is called ‘Sakiika’. It is dried squid.

If you want to taste real Japan it is yummy snack and everyone should try it.

Some say it has strong smell but I believe it is the best ever!


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