Ryoanji is unvarying in nature.

OK, I checked the weather was going better in this morning, so i decided to go to Ryoanji temple today.

It had been rainy since last week in Japan, so the sky had been like this till last day.


By the way, do you know about Suibokuga?
It is a type of painting found in China and introduced in Japan more than 1000 years ago.
In its paint, only Black color ink which is made from wood is used, but nothing else.
And the philosophy is simply to express the thing itself. I felt that the atmosphere surrounding

Ryoanji temple was something similar to this way of thinking.ryoanji6


Cause in Ryoanaji temple, no additive decorations nor color paintings was found anywhere even if in the graden.
However the garden is the most famous part of this temple.

First time I saw it, I felt it too bright because white gravel spread in the garden were reflecting sunshine whom I had not seen for a while.
Gradually getting used to its brightness, I began to stare 5 objects which I could only see in the place and those were all constituted by stones and little bit historic moss.


But I realized it is very important that there was a space I never see any objects finally.
I strongly recommend you to sit on wooden floor of Ryoanji temple and see this garden to the full.




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