Three most famous temples near to G.P.H

There are 17 world heritages in Kyoto.
And it’s the most large number in Japan.

Golden pavilion house is really close from one of it, of course the name is called Golden pavilion.
But today I walked along Road Kinukake no michi which starts from this most famous temple and headed to Ninna-ji temple which is equally best to see.


ninna-ji2Originally Ninna-ji temple was founded by emperor Uda in 888.

For long time Ninna-ji had been a palace for the imperial family.

So the architectural style is very sumptuous.

Road Kinukake no michi is just 2.5km long and finishes at Ninna-ji temple, however it holds another World Heritage temple. It is Ryoan-ji temple.
This temple is very different in its style and history from Ninna-ji temple.
I would like to introduce it on the other page soon.




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