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Little tips for hang round Japan.


You will find many of this letter when you on the road in summer season in Japan.

It shows there you can buy “Kakigo-ri” which means Shaved Ice with fruity sweat syrup.

It looks like that….


may be a little different.

Aw,the next means liquor store.



The following is Cigarette. Please don’t smoke in room.


That is very important. It means they sell Rice. In Japanese, We call it “Okome”.


When you see the letters as following, They can give you “Ice cream”.

They are written in “Katakana letter” cause ice cream is from outside of Japan.


I believe that chilled sweats will save you from heat coming now.



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Ryoanji is unvarying in nature.

OK, I checked the weather was going better in this morning, so i decided to go to Ryoanji temple today.

It had been rainy since last week in Japan, so the sky had been like this till last day.


By the way, do you know about Suibokuga?
It is a type of painting found in China and introduced in Japan more than 1000 years ago.
In its paint, only Black color ink which is made from wood is used, but nothing else.
And the philosophy is simply to express the thing itself. I felt that the atmosphere surrounding

Ryoanji temple was something similar to this way of thinking.ryoanji6


Cause in Ryoanaji temple, no additive decorations nor color paintings was found anywhere even if in the graden.
However the garden is the most famous part of this temple.

First time I saw it, I felt it too bright because white gravel spread in the garden were reflecting sunshine whom I had not seen for a while.
Gradually getting used to its brightness, I began to stare 5 objects which I could only see in the place and those were all constituted by stones and little bit historic moss.


But I realized it is very important that there was a space I never see any objects finally.
I strongly recommend you to sit on wooden floor of Ryoanji temple and see this garden to the full.




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For a break after Ninna-ji visit

Going down a street in front of Ninna-ji temple for a little while, you would see a colorful decorated shop just before a station. This is one of my favorite Cafe, and the name is “Pu”.puu2


In contrast to this cute shop name, Doi tencho who is manager of this cafe looks really tough.
He cooks spicy indian & Thai curry and serves original tea without any artificial nutritions.
And you can also enjoy drinking at dinner time, his smile will definitely makes your stay special.

I had Indian Chai for the first time, it was tremendous!

Family Kitchen Pu has a facility for kids and English menu.

See more from facebook page here,

puu3 puu4


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Three most famous temples near to G.P.H

There are 17 world heritages in Kyoto.
And it’s the most large number in Japan.

Golden pavilion house is really close from one of it, of course the name is called Golden pavilion.
But today I walked along Road Kinukake no michi which starts from this most famous temple and headed to Ninna-ji temple which is equally best to see.


ninna-ji2Originally Ninna-ji temple was founded by emperor Uda in 888.

For long time Ninna-ji had been a palace for the imperial family.

So the architectural style is very sumptuous.

Road Kinukake no michi is just 2.5km long and finishes at Ninna-ji temple, however it holds another World Heritage temple. It is Ryoan-ji temple.
This temple is very different in its style and history from Ninna-ji temple.
I would like to introduce it on the other page soon.




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New photos of our guesthouse coming up.

We are uploading new photos of rooms and facilities in each websites.
These cool photos are taken by my friend, he is nice photographer performing in
Shiga pref that is next to Kyoto.
Even more we also plan to introduce better facilities and services for your solid stay.
Please check this blog and our facebook page continuously.
They all are coming up soon!_MG_7015 for blog_MG_7023 for blog_MG_7032 for blog


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Enjoy RakuRaku Night!


Ichi jo street holds many unique Cafe & Bars.

RakuRaku is welcoming everyone like you enjoying Kyoto travel.

Akira san is the manager for this Bar, and he made fine pizza with seafood for dinner for us.

RakuRaku holds parties pretty often, people meet and enjoy Japanese and Western simple taste.


Ichijo street is also known for a pilgrim road led into Daikaku-ji temple.

When in summer special events coming up in each spots!

Kitchen Rakuraku  <>


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Window of Realization


I feel the summer is coming to Kyoto.
It was very fine today, so we took a walk from Golden pavilion
to Genko-an.
First, we headed to north from the gate of Golden Pavilion

(There is a picture of a traffic in front of the temple below.)


Walking about 10 minutes, we arrived at Shozan park.
It has pool and bowling facilities. you can also enjoy japanese and chinese cuisine with sceneries of traditional garden.

The road linked to Kyomi-toge is one of the most famous hiking,trekking spot.
But weather becoming cloudy, we took a right way and headed to Genko-an.

Genko-an is Zen temple and it is located not in the center of Kyoto.
furthermore it is not so large nor very old.

Though, Travelars often visit this temple in pursuit of calmpeace here.
I felt pleasant atmosphere which is strictly tensed, sitting on Tatami floor.
Genko-an is famous for the two windows.
The one is called Satori-no-mado(Window of realization)
The other one is called Mayoi-no-Mado(Window of indecision)

What do you see on the other side ?


This short trip took about 2 hours from G.P.H.
In Kyoto, you have a lot of choices to discover your own experience.


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Hi! Everyone who loves to travel.

Okonomi-Katsu.jpgWhat is typical local food in your country?

I can imagine many here in Japan, one of the most popular being Okonomiyaki.

Somebody told me a good description of this food is a “Japanese pizza”.

We enjoy it often both in restaurants as well as making it at home.

A special feature of Okonomiyaki is the sauce which is generously put on top and each Okonomi shop has their unique range of Okonomi sauces.

It is something you must try when you come to Kyoto and there are plenty of Okonomi shops to choose from!

Okonomi shops have deep tradition and nice atmosphere.

See you there!




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