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Window of Realization


I feel the summer is coming to Kyoto.
It was very fine today, so we took a walk from Golden pavilion
to Genko-an.
First, we headed to north from the gate of Golden Pavilion

(There is a picture of a traffic in front of the temple below.)


Walking about 10 minutes, we arrived at Shozan park.
It has pool and bowling facilities. you can also enjoy japanese and chinese cuisine with sceneries of traditional garden.

The road linked to Kyomi-toge is one of the most famous hiking,trekking spot.
But weather becoming cloudy, we took a right way and headed to Genko-an.

Genko-an is Zen temple and it is located not in the center of Kyoto.
furthermore it is not so large nor very old.

Though, Travelars often visit this temple in pursuit of calmpeace here.
I felt pleasant atmosphere which is strictly tensed, sitting on Tatami floor.
Genko-an is famous for the two windows.
The one is called Satori-no-mado(Window of realization)
The other one is called Mayoi-no-Mado(Window of indecision)

What do you see on the other side ?


This short trip took about 2 hours from G.P.H.
In Kyoto, you have a lot of choices to discover your own experience.


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Hi! Everyone who loves to travel.

Okonomi-Katsu.jpgWhat is typical local food in your country?

I can imagine many here in Japan, one of the most popular being Okonomiyaki.

Somebody told me a good description of this food is a “Japanese pizza”.

We enjoy it often both in restaurants as well as making it at home.

A special feature of Okonomiyaki is the sauce which is generously put on top and each Okonomi shop has their unique range of Okonomi sauces.

It is something you must try when you come to Kyoto and there are plenty of Okonomi shops to choose from!

Okonomi shops have deep tradition and nice atmosphere.

See you there!




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